Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shop Like A Pro Article

I read a great article about shopping. It has some good tips on saving too, which is what we are all about here. I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with you:

Shop Like A Pro
How, When And What To Know
October 4, 2010

By Nicole Mann Novick

Alexis Stein and Lisa Friedman, the founders of the fabulous gifting website SomeoneSpoilMe.com, are experts when it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special someone. They know just where to go, what to do and how to get it, usually on sale! We asked the duo for their professional opinion: What does it take to be a savvy shopper?
1. What are the best times to shop and why?
The best times to shop are right after a holiday because there are great discounts and deals. For example, after Halloween you should go to the local party supply store and stock up on decorations for next year: trick-or-treat bags, little gifts to give out and even costumes. (Let's face it, Halloween paraphernalia does not go out of style!) This same theory applies to seasonal shopping too. For example, after summer you should try and stock up on summertime essentials, including beach bags, towels, melamine plates, pitchers, etc. You can also take advantage of these sales for summertime fashion staples, including flip-flops, bikinis and bathing suit cover-ups. For clothing and accessory sales, stick with the basics and leave room in your wardrobe (and budget) to mix in a couple of fashion-forward new purchases next year. When shopping online, sign up on the mailing list for your favorite stores to take advantage of these sales as well as find out about new seasonal items. This way you will always know about new products and can fill in the rest with budget-friendly sale items.
2. Who should you take (or not take) shopping to make the most of each trip?
If you have a friend who has no concept of money and says that everything looks good on you, you do not want to take her shopping with you. Not only will you run out of money, but you will also come home with a bunch of stuff that you don't really love. Your ideal shopping buddy is a close friend who understands your lifestyle, is familiar with your closet and is honest, patient and cost-conscious.

3. What are some ways to save while shopping online?
Search first! If there is a product you like, enter it onto your favorite shopping search site (Bing, ShopStyle, eBay, Google) and then sort from low price to high price. Most sites will tell you the exact price, including tax and shipping, from many retailers. Also, sign up for and check frequently for coupon codes! ...Read More

4. What are some ways to save while shopping at brick-and-mortar stores?
One way to save at a store is to ask the salesperson if there is a mailing or e-mail list that you can sign up for to alert you to promotions, sales and discounts. Also, you should always look first at the sales racks at your favorite stores — you can usually find some great items!

5. What should someone know or be thinking about in order to be a savvy online shopper?
The price of something on one site is usually NOT the price of that item on another site.

6. When shopping for a gift, what should people keep in mind?
You should definitely keep in mind the person you are shopping for: what they like, what interests them, what they value and why you are getting them a gift. For example, if your friend loves jewelry and just got married, then a great birthday gift for her would be a monogrammed necklace with the couple's initials. It lets her show off her new status and new last name. The gift will always be special to her because it has sentimental value since you put the necessary thought into purchasing it. When we review gifts on SomeoneSpoilMe.com or provide gift suggestions to clients, these are always the questions we seek to answer, since gifts that are thoughtful are always the most memorable.

7. What can you do to be an organized shopper?
The most important and helpful rule: Write down a list of everything you need to buy so you don't get sidetracked and buy things you don't really need.

Here is the link to read the original article.

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