Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dirt Cheap?

I wonder how many of you know about Dirt Cheap. This is one of my favorite stores. They have a lot of them in the south, mainly in Mississippi where I'm from. Taken from their website:

Dirt Cheap is a Bargain Hunter's paradise. We offer leading private label and brand name merchandise for as much as 30-90% off regular retail prices. With discounts like that, why would anyone pay full price? Whether you're a price-conscious shopper or simply love the thrill of finding great bargains, our amazing deals on leading private label and brand name merchandise will keep you coming back for more.We're called an extreme value retailer because we offer our products cheaper than any competitor. We purchase liquidations, customer returns, overstocks, out of season goods, bankruptcies and closeouts from manufacturers, distributors and other retailers.

Here is a map of all the Dirt Cheaps in the south. You should take a look. I have found plenty of bargins there.

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