Friday, July 30, 2010

10 FREE Mohrdar Skincare Samples!

Update: Their site is a little slow right now.

Here’s a great sample offer! Head on over to the Mohrdar Institute of Homeopathy & Integrated Medicine website and you can snag FREE samples of the following products…

  • Mohr-Clear Acne Creme
  • Mohr-Clear Acne Pads
  • Mohr-Clear Acne Toner Spray
  • Mohr-Clear Acne Roller
  • Amino Hydrate
  • Arm And Leg Tonification
  • Beauty spot crème
  • Beta Anti-Fungal & Ulcer Recovery Crème
  • Body Spray
  • Cyrus for Men
Just click on the “Request Sample” link (to the right of each product listed). A pop up screen will then show up and you’ll be able to fill out your mailing info.

(Thanks, Mojo Savings!)

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